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TLC App - Ozora Muneyoshi by lusciniaa TLC App - Ozora Muneyoshi by lusciniaa

For :iconthelavendercity:

Edit. Oh dear, I thought I wouldn't get in but I did :iconwipetearsplz:
I can roleplay through skype, chat, notes, comments. Scripts or Lit is fine with me.


Ozora Muneyoshi




June 29th




183 cm (6'0") / 68 kg (150 lbs)




 Track and Field & Gardening




    :bulletblue: Photography - Nature, He does not photograph people

    :bulletblue: Track and Field sports -  Namely, Running and High Jump, although he is unable to pursue it ever since his Eibstein's Anomaly started to get worse, although starting to go for it again upon entering Ishin High.

    :bulletblue: Flowers from the Asteracea family- These being Sunflowers, Asters, Goldenrods , Daisies & etc.

    :bulletblue: Cheesecake based deserts & all its variations - Strawberry, Oreo & etc.

    :bulletblue: Poetry Books - He uses a translated version for English poetry

    :bulletblue: Gardens



    :bulletblue: Hospitals - He does not like remembering about his sickness

    :bulletblue: Animal-shaped Gummy Candy - He has a hard time eating these

    :bulletblue: Days When there is too much Sun - Can't tolerate high temperature very well

    :bulletblue: The sound of chalk pressed really hard on the board - He feels like cutting himself, he does not know why either.

    :bulletblue: Taffy & Caramel - The way it sticks to your teeth annoy him.



Lackadaisical || Cynical || Eloquent || Manipulative || Dishonest

 Ozora was always under the watchful eye of his parent's paranoia and doctors for as long as he could remember. He thinks that no one has ever looked beyond his health condition. Often pitying or under estimating him, that he himself had no heart to trust anyone else around him, even toward his parents. Ozora often tries to go around his misfortune, finding solace with his charisma. The thrill of being able to mold other people's way of thinking was his only reason for social interaction; however, if not successful he'd probably not give up until he is satisfied. Ozora often lies, he does not trust the human person at all for many reasons.


Ozora immediately after birth was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, Eibstein's Anomaly. His parents chose not to let him undergo the operation until they are sure that it was as life threatening as they thought, or when his body will be strong enough to go through with it. The doctors explained that the disease was tricky as the more serious symptoms do not exhibit themselves at a definite point in one's lifetime, and with that they did go about with the doctor's advice as to delay the operation until Ozora was ready. Ozora was able to live a normal life, except with the fact that he was under the close eye of his doctor at Tokyo, which he never liked. It took some effort in his part as he tires out faster than most kids his age, plus his cyanosis often made him the center of ridicule.  In the pursuit to escape from his carefully watched life, Ozora often rebelled and took off to places where no one else would bother him,  he also tried out track and field sports when he was in elementary school, which his parents didn't like

During his second year in middle school his symptoms had worsened, which by that time required surgery to fix the faulty tricuspid valve and the hole that formed, because of this he had to fall back a year for recovery took longer than he could imagine. He also stopped practicing track and ventured on to his newer hobby, photography which was how he coped during his recovery period. Ozora treated it like his duty, to keep the beauty of nature in his pictures. 

From Tokyo his family moved to Furano, the doctors advised to send him to live in the country where the air is cleaner. Ozora did not hesitate to accept as he himself liked the idea of coming to a place embraced by nature. 


Additional Information:

:bulletblue: Ozora is 1/4 British, his grandmother from the mother's side is from the UK.

:bulletblue: Very often do people mistake him for being blind, as his eyes are very light

:bulletblue: He is also very well versed in the English language through his grandmother.

:bulletblue: Voice - Shimono Hiro [0:33-1:30]

:bulletblue: There is a scar that runs on his chest from the surgery.

Ozora Muneyoshi (c) :iconlusciniaa:

Information about Eibstein's Anomaly is soley based from the Internet, and a handful of medical books within my hard drive. If there will be anyone who sees the information above wrong, or have Eibstein's anomaly themselves please do not take it against me, as my knowledge for it is not at all at par with any medical professional.

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